Quality Assurance Policy

Declaration of Quality Assurance Policy

The management of “RETRO BUILD” LTD declares and takes personal responsibility to follow the quality assurance politics aimed at achieving the following specific and measurable quality assurance goals:

  • Achieving a high quality of the product / service offered by the company, with indicators comparable to the quality indicators of leading companies with related construction activities, according to the new requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Production and delivery of the finished product /sеrvice according to the customer requirements, as specified in signed contracts and in compliance with the Integrated Management System Manual strictly, observing the deadlines and the respective regulations;
  • Increased level of internal quality control and analysis of the company’s work based on methods for managing risks and opportunities in the company’s processes, assessment of customer satisfaction and reporting of remarks and complaints in order to improve the results of the company;
  • Increasing the confidence of customers and stakeholders by meeting their needs and expectations;
  • Provides a framework for setting quality goal;
  • Includes a commitment to continuously improving the system and quality of offered services and products; Given the new quality assurance policy and the integrated quality management system, we will require from all “RETRO BUILD” employees to have good knowledge of the systems and will monitor for its application.

We will constantly evaluate the processes related to our main activities and seek opportunities for improvement.

We will periodically review the quality system of “RETRO BUILD” after its introduction by performing official management review at least once a year in order to reaffirm its results and our commitment to it.