Personal Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy Declaration

The data protection policy declaration is aimed to protect web site viewers and consumers personal identification data. All viewers can examine our web site pages free with no obligation to fill in any registration forms or to input any personal data. In case you wish to use some of our specialized modules or services, than it will be necessary to send the required personal data in order to execute the demanded service, but your personal data will be still secured. Our site gathers data, necessary for the execution of the service required at your demand only.

Information about the Personal Data Protection Supervisory body :

Personal Data Protection Board: 1592,Sofia, 2, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd., Phone : +359 /02/ 915 3 518

Data protection Insurance

Main purpose of the site development is to guarantee reasonable level of security of the personal data to its users. This relates to all personal data defined and stated in the process of the online registration as well as for all the rest of the information entered one or another way at this web site.

We do not disclose personal data to third parties

At registration on the web site personal data such as: user name, password, e-mail, phone, address and personally entered password is required by the users. These data are used for the site purposes only and no data whatsoever is being disclosed to third parties, excl. the case it concerns the execution of a service required by the user himself.

Change or deletion of personal data

Data, once entered into the database can bear changes and in a case the user requires its deletion we are obliged to delete it. At any moment a stated wish can be cancelled by sending a refusal confirmation by e-mail.

In a case you have questions or remarks related to the Personal Data Protection Policy please feel free to get in touch with us.