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Retro Build ltd. was established in 2007 in order to close the circle of the successful projects realized by Perfecto Group International and CCE Company ltd. in the last years.In its short but rather productive history the company has as it’s background a list of successful realizations and loyal clients. Retro Build ltd. has highly qualified personnel for performing quality construction works. The company has an experience in execution of residential and administrative buildings predominantly in Sofia and the region. Company’s strategy related to quality is reflected in the permanent engagement and responsibility for the realized product as well as following the needs and the constantly growing investors and end clients’ requirements. The company provides control over the construction site work performance after project completion and offers the opportunity for client customized finishing works.

Over 70 professional staff members ensure the correct, quality and on-time performance of the company construction projects.


Retro Build ltd. is a company with approved reputation among it's clients and takes as a first priority the quality performance, strict organization and on time delivery of theconstruction works.





Retro Build ltd. aims to successfully realize your investment intentions by offering organizational and technical management of the construction process. Our ambition is to ensure quality and unimpeded construction works in a continuous and effective contact with the investor, resulting in a maximum precise project execution at every stage and a final success of the investment process.



Company Objectives


Retro Build ltd. is a construction and investment company established to:
  • reply to the necessity of a new quality of the living environment;
  • realize a new contemporary model of coziness and security;
  • accomplish quality and on time construction works;
  • perform with high professionalism in organization of the construction and investment process.



The Management of Retro Build declares and takes a personal responsibility and engagement to follow the quality policy as stated below in order to achieve specific and measurable quality objectives:

•    Realization of a high quality products/ services offered by the company with indices comparable with those of the leading companies in the same field of activity according to the new requirements of БДС EN ISO 9001:2008;
•    Execution and completion of the ready product/service in accordance with the clients’ requirements and the contracts signed, in compliance with the Quality Management Handbook under the strict observance of the active legal regulations and the agreed terms.
•   Rise of the internal quality control level and analysis of the company activities  based on application of methods of assessment of clients’ satisfaction taking into consideration the remarks and claims aiming to improve the company results.


On the base of the approved company policy and quality management system we will require from all employees of Retro Build to be well acknowledged with the Quality Management System and we will keep up with it’s application.


We will constantly assess the processes determined by our core activities and we will be in a quest for improvements.




Retro Build understands and it’s  commitment related to the environment preservation  which is an inseparable part of  the global company activity.


Responsibility for the environmental protection takes the company management as well as every and each company employee working under its name or on behalf of it.


The environmental company policy of Retro Build is based on the following basic principles:

•    To ensure the competence and ecological culture of its employees;
•    To keep under control and in a process of constant improvement the environmental protection management;
•    Aim to constantly minimize the harmful impact on the environment
•    Creation of  good conditions for prevention of every considerable harmful impact on the environment
•    Effective use of materials and natural resources
•    Reduction of the waste materials and potential dangers for the environment trough control and technology improvements
•    Observation of the legislative regulations related to environmental preservation
•    Upgrade of the policy, objectives – general and specific related to environmental preservation after change in the company processes, activities and the services
•    Ensuring the rights for a life in an ecologically  clean environment for the future generations
•    Every employee of Retro Build to ensure compliance of the Environmental Management System with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard.


The Management of the company has the responsibility to apply this policy in the real practice of Retro Build and in terms of the scope of the Environmental Management System of the company.





In correspondence with the human principles of the contemporary value system related to the prime importance of the human health and life in any initiative, the Management of Retro Build defines as its major priority in its activity  the care for insurance of healthy and safe working conditions for its personnel as an inseparable part of the business interests and objectives.

Prime company mission is to maintain and constantly improve the Healthy and safe work conditions Management System which to be able to minimize and to prevent the risks of bringing harms and professional sickness to the personnel and to any other third party involved into the work process.  The company policy for insurance of healthy and safe work conditions is based on firm observation of the active Bulgarian and in correspondence to the European legislation.

The respect and improvement of the Safety Management System is a precondition for rising of the work effectiveness of Retro Build.

The company is constantly striving to keep work safety practices in all stages of the work process while executing construction works related to the company projects. Constantly and responsively coordinates the security during project execution and undertakes all practical and effective steps in order to keep a reliable, safe and well-organized project site.


Main company priority is to motivate its own personnel, all its sub-contractors and interested parties for keeping their obligations in accordance with the requirements for health and work safety  in order to prevent from any impact from the work environment factors. In that regard the company undertakes and announces all decisions regarding the work safety, the procedures and responsibilities as well as effective actions to ensure healthy and secure work conditions in the practice. All these actions are under a constant review and actualization and are to be changed while necessary so that to ensure additional security in all respective fields and accurate types of activities.